Accept The Challenges so That You May Feel Exhilaration of Victory

If any of your friend's father is in army or has been retired from the active services then you may notice that large number of military medallions and military coins will be displayed in their drawing room.
Military unit coins are rewarded to the member of the Armed Forces in honor of them so these coins remind the servicemen of their golden time at service and thus they place these coins in their drawing rooms to show their pride. Even common people have grown fond of these military medallions and navy challenge coins because of their sentimental and historic significance and are collecting them with great pride.

This tradition was first introduced during the world war two, when one of the squadron leaders of air force branch disseminated these valuable coins between the members of his unit to build up their confidence and enhance their morale. These coins had the plating of gold and were actually made of bronze. These coins enhanced the feeling of brotherhood among the members and that's what fascinated the other branches of the armed forces. They also used these coins to reward any person with good conduct or distinguished service and the recipient felt honored while wearing these military challenge coins

In order to ensure this that all the members have these coins, the tradition of challenging among the members was introduced; according to which any member can challenge the other to show his coin and if the other person fails to produce the coin then he will have to get the drinks for others. With this activity all members take care of wearing the coins all the time on their uniform.

Due to being covered with gold plating and bronze made plus because of historic value, these military medallions have the great significance and that's the reason why people are more interested in collecting these coins now. There are several companies who manufacture these coins and they also offer their service over the internet, so you may easily purchase them by placing an order online. There are many people who have the different opinion than the ones who purchase these coins for making collections; they believe that these coins are not the fashion item and so they should only be earned not purchased.

These days, this custom is also applied in majority of the other organizations as well apart from the military forces as these challenging coins have the great significance that are not only used for the purpose to reward any member for distinguished services but they also builds the morale and brotherhood feelings among them.

There are number of military holidays and if you like to celebrate any of these events and honor any service person then you may purchase the coin online and make his day special. Even otherwise, you can get as many military coins or navy challenge coins from the net if you are an avid collector of these items.

There are many manufacturers of these special coins and medallions and their manufacture is not restricted to the US alone. Like there are companies in China and South Korea who manufacture these Military coins and you can even get them at better prices. Now people have become great fan of these coins.